Looking back at Naruto’s final arc

I think the arc was mostly bad, and an OK ending.

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Free Crunchyroll Guest Passes

So if you’re reading this you probably like anime. Crunchyroll is an anime and drama streaming site. I have been a subscriber for over a year and I really like it. It is pretty cheap 6 dollars a month or so for the anime plan and I do it also because it helps me support the industry. Every month I receive a free 48 hour guest pass and usually have no one to give them to so they just expire. Right now I have 4 so I thought I would put them up here for anyone who wants them, first come first serve. Crunchyroll is a free site however the newest episode of any given ongoing series is held for a week before being allowing free users to view it also some series are not available to free users, free users have ads and are restricted to the lowest quality resolution. The free passes give you 2 days with all the perks of membership full 1080P shows, no ads, no episodes held back etc. Also you do not need payment information either. Simply create a free account and use one of the codes. This is a low traffic blog so if you are not viewing this post today you should still try redeeming one of the codes. After they are redeemed or expire I will take them down.


All codes claimed 8/29

2nd set of codes

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Slowpoke ain’t no joke

Ok this was somewhat anime related and a little too weird to not mention. How about some Japanese language reggae starring slowpoke?

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Tobi’s Identity Revealed (Fan animation)

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DBZ Parody Animation

Love both of these. I love Frieza’s voice, the slurred speech, the kazoo in the background mimicking the original Japanese soundtrack.

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Attack on Titan Intro 2 (fan made)

I told you this show was great? Well so is the manga. Read all of it, was very good. Wish there was more. Anyway been obsessed with this and I made my own alternate intro. It was a fun project and went quick. Pretty much whenever I have any creative inklings I try to act on them now a days as they are becoming quite rare.

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Attack on Titan

Just go watch Attack on Titan.  I am completely engrossed after the first 4 episodes.  Looking forward to episode 5 tomorrow.  This has been the best surprise for me since Blue Exorcist.  The series takes place on either some sort of alternate history earth, far future or forgotten past.  Humanity has come under attack by the titans, human looking giants around the size of a brontosaurus.  They are slow, massive, hungry.  In order to survive walled cities are made to keep the titans out.  Fortunately they are not too smart and this has worked for about 100 years but now shit is going down again as well as humans tired of living inside the walls that want to take the fight to the titans anyway.  This anime has intensity, desperation, tension.  I don’t know how long it will run.  Probably it will catch up to the manga fast, I don’t want to look it up because I don’t want spoilers.  I will probably start reading the manga after the anime goes on break.  Looks to run around 12 episodes so far.  I wonder if they are going to link this with Greek mythology at all?   The titans were like gods and they were giants as well.  The word Atlas comes from the titans as he was the one that held up the sky or the world.  So do yourselves a favor go watch this, now.

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Asuma Vs Hayate

This is a teaser for the project which will probably be at least a few minutes long I’m guessing. We see Hayate and Asuma fighting in what looks like the forest from the chuunin exam arc. They are both young so it would take place in the past probably by about 15 years. This project is from smyton4tw one of the animators behind the amazing Kakashi vs Sasuke fan animation. The preview was posted in february. There is a comment from the creator that was posted a few weeks ago stating it will be done relatively soon but you know how that goes. Hopefully this will be done within a few months. Will post it here as soon as it is.

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Is that death in your eyes or are you just happy to see me?

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Worst Naruto AMV I’ve ever seen..

This is just amazing, excellent in it’s horribleness. First you’ve got Tenten, A character second in uselessness only to Sakura. Then you got super terrible screen recorded footage. Then you got linkin park, and not just linkin park but hybrid theory linkin park. Then you’ve got a squared border of animated hearts present for the entire video. Whoever made it was probably a super fan of a kid trying their best. It’s not the worst music video I’ve ever seen, but definitely the worst Naruto amv. Don’t say anything mean in the comments to them, just have a chuckle and move on.

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